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Really busy month on my end because I got a new job!

The intention is to continue releasing one Swan Song episode a month. I'm still not sure how the video production will fit into my limited spare time now that I'm working full-time, so it's possible supporters will be getting way earlier access than usual if I finish them "too early". As much as I would personally like to increase the cadence of Swan Song video releases to get through the library faster, I don't think I would have the time for them without taking time away from other side projects.

Caesura Guided Tour is also being bumped down in priority. The intention is to close out the first arc (developing a Mac music player) and introduce the second arc (turning the Mac music player into a framework that can be shared with an iOS music player) with the next video. Starting with the next video, CGT videos will only cover changes to the codebase that are relevant to the current arc, as opposed to every change which is what the series had been doing until now. It was getting problematic. I didn't want to add functionality to Caesura because it would build a backlog of things to cover in videos that would inevitably push back the start of the next arc. By only focusing on arc-specific "storylines", I can continue to improve Caesura without generating more work for myself down the line, while continuing to be able to tell the more interesting stories of the project as it evolves. If something particularly interesting comes up that I can't cover as part of the ongoing arc, I'm likely to move that discussion to my podcast.

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