June 2021

May 2021


Inspired by the 100 Rabbits changelog, I've made this little section of the site to keep track of progress being made on my various personal projects on a monthly basis. It'll be nice to be able to look back at what I've gotten accomplished over a period of time and deliver short personal updates on this page.

In favor of dependency aversion is a notable knowledge base article that went live this month. It is the first piece of writing I've published publicly regarding software development practices in almost a decade. While I do regularly write these kinds of posts, they tend to stay internal to my workplace, and are more documentation-focused than philosophical. There has been no shortage of commentary on software development on my podcast, but in terms of published writing, there has been very little, so I'm glad to finally have something out there. Hopefully more to come in the future.

I got my first COVID vaccination this month. It felt like an eternity compared to my friends in the US, but it's such a relief that my time has finally come. Getting my second shot some time in September, although the government has mentioned they think they'll be able to speed things up and get people their second shots early. Stay safe everyone, and see you next month.