My workout routine

Twice a week (Mondays and Fridays) immediately after getting off work, I roll out a yoga mat in front of my computer and do the following three things:

As someone who does not particularly enjoy exercise, tabatas are great for a number of reasons. The time it takes to complete a set of 2 tabatas is quite short, which makes it easier to integrate into a busy work schedule. It can also be done from home rather easily, which is great because I especially despise exercising in public.

While the tabatas were challenging at first, over time, I have been able to see considerable self-improvement. I used to struggle just to get to four burpees in during the second tabata of that video, but now I can easily do six every single time, and sometimes sneak in a seventh.

I track these workouts with the Apple Watch, and check out the Health and Fitness apps on my phone for indicators of progress. I found that my VO2MAX score was of the lowest tier for my age range, and through a lot of workouts, I managed to get it trending upwards. I crossed into the Below Average tier in April, and the next Above Average tier feels within reach.

I have grown to like this little ritual to start and end the week with, and I have been tempted to increase the frequency of workouts to three times a week.

Occasionally, I will put on a Yoga with Adriene video and do some yoga. Yoga was immensely helpful for me to control stress over the past few years. I also found that after practicing yoga regularly, my frequent RSI flare-ups have completely gone away. By no means am I holding up yoga as this miracle cure for RSI, but if you do experience RSI, I do recommend giving it a try.