Hello, nerd.

Yes, yes, this site is all valid HTML5 and CSS 3. As usual, this doesn't guarantee it'll look pretty everywhere. is a pile of static web pages, generated by yet another opinionated static website generator I happened to write called datenshi. Everything on the site is written in Markdown; datenshi converts it to HTML and glues on a header and a footer. Then I use a companion script I wrote called tengoku which pushes changes to the site via FTP.

If you are viewing this on a Mac, an iPhone, or you are a font-loving hipster, this site is in Helvetica Neue. If you aren't, then I can't tell you what font you're seeing, but realistically, you probably don't care. If you can't see the r in a circle in the upper right hand corner of this page, but instead see a square or 24E1, then you should probably consider upgrading your operating system and/or browser.

This site is inspired by the personal wiki idea a few of my friends have gotten behind, except without the whole "running a wiki" part. I don't really think the ability to edit from anywhere in the world outweighs the burden of keeping wiki software up to date.

This site uses Google Analytics so I can get stats on what pages are popular and which aren't. If you are afraid of Google tracking your every move on the Internet, you can opt out here. If you don't trust that Google's opt-out add-on isn't tracking you, then you're pretty screwed, because they're everywhere. Maybe you should consider getting wget to email you webpages?

All text on this website is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike 3.0 unless otherwise mentioned.